Who We Are

Blue River is a Church of the Brethren congregation of about 200 members, located in Northern Indiana. We hold to the following:

*Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the Saviour of the world, and the Head of the Church, according to the Scriptures.

*The Bible is the inspired, infallible Word of God, plainly interpreted and absolutely trustworthy.

*The New Testament is our only creed, and our final rule of faith and practice.

*The only means of salvation is to personally accept Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.

*Baptism of believers by trine immersion.

*War and the taking of human life is wrong for Christians.

*We practice feetwashing, the fellowship meal, and communion, and the Christian salutation.

*Christian men and women are to honor the New Testament headship order and its symbol, the sisters’ veiling.

*Anointing for healing.

*Moderation in good things and abstinence from harmful things.

*Simplicity in life and service to others.

A note to our guests

Our guests occasionally comment that they notice something “different” when they visit our worship services.

What are the little “caps” on the ladies’ heads?

These “caps” are called “prayer veilings” or “prayer coverings.”

Our sisters wear them to worship and we teach them based on 1 Corinthians 11:2-16, where the Apostle Paul teaches that Christian women should wear a distinctive covering which symbolizes the creation order and the proper roles of men and women in the church. Until around 1900, most Christian churches observed this practice. Since then, the practice has been maintained primarily by various Anabaptist groups and some Catholic churches.

Our church makes them available to the sisters, and extras are found in a plexi-glass box in the foyer.

Why do the sisters wear dresses or skirts?

We seek to apply the Scriptural principles regarding the distinctions between the sexes, as well as Biblical modesty. This is why the church strongly encourages women and girls to wear modest dresses or skirts to all church services. Our church has also taught separation from, and non-conformity to, the world. There ought to be a difference which marks Christian women in worship.

We trust that our particular applications of Biblical principles will encourage you to examine the Scriptures in these matters; however, you are our guest, and we do indeed welcome you to our worship service.

There is always much more to a church than can be described in a website. We invite you to come to Blue River and worship with us. We hope that you find us to be friendly to guests and faithful to God’s Word.

Blue River:

  • was organized in 1852
  • has 199 members in 2011
  • is a part of The Church of the Brethren, a 122,000 member denomination of the Anabaptist-Pietist tradition (organized in Germany, 1708; established in America, 1723)
  • participates in the Northern Indiana District of the Church of the Brethren, with 5,799 members in 46 congregations
  • built new facilities in 1975-76
  • receives special offerings in support of various extended ministries of the church
  • is organized through various program committees (ex: Christian Education, Missions, Music, etc.)
  • is governed by the semi-annual Council (congregational business meeting), at which reports are given and decisions are made
  • has an Official Board comprising the Deacons, Ministers, and Pastors. Our Deacons are called for lifetime service
  • has a Big Brother/Big Sister program for new members
  • has an active women’s fellowship
  • celebrated its Sesquicentennial (150th Anniversary) in 2002