Welcome to Blue River!

We are having in-person worship and have been since May 10, 2020.  You are welcome to worship with us.

We’re glad you’re here!

Blue River is a church that seeks to do three things:

  • worship God Biblically;
  • teach believers the Word of God; and
  • proclaim the Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ alone

We invite you to our services, to join with us in our work, and to share in our fellowship. We strive to emphasize basic New Testament teachings, and practice the New Testament ordinances.

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Sunday Worship 11-22-2020

Sermon: “Give Thanks to God … Anyway” from 1  Thessalonians 5:16-18. Special music from the Mixed Octet–the Voices of the River. Children’s Story by Cora Myers. CCLI # 1003854


Sunday Worship 11-15-2020


Sunday Worship 11-08-2020

Sermon: “Families That Honor Christ” from Colossians 3:18-21.  Final service of 2020 Revival Series.
CCLI # 1003854


Sunday Worship 8-16-2020

Sermon: “The Confirmation of the Lord’s Will” from Acts 21:1-16. Special music “Meet Me There” acapella by the Myers Family. CCLI # 1003854

Sunday Second Service 8-9-2020

Sermon: “Heaven Taken By Storm,” from Matthew 11:12-15. Special Music from Bethan Myers. CCLI # 1003854

Sunday Worship 8-9-2020

Sermon: “The Many Avenues of Giving,” from Acts 20:33-38. Special Music from Marie Gass, Anita Martin, Deb Gipe, and Holly Gibson.  CCLI # 1003854

Sunday Second Service 8-2-2020

Sunday Worship  8-2-2020

Sermon: “Protecting the Flock,” from Acts 20:28-34.    Special music from Andrew Gingerich. CCLI # 1003854


Sunday Second Service 7-26-2020

Rodney with the special music. Judy with a special of the piano. Message: “A Disciples’ Rewards” from Matthew 10:40-42. Bro. Myers preaching.
CCLI # 1003854

Sunday Worship 7-26-2020

“An Apostles’ Love and Counsel” from Acts 20:17-27.  Special Music by Kelsey Grawcock.
CCLI # 1003854

Sunday Worship 7-19-2020

Youth Sunday with Christopher Shively preaching.
CCLI # 1003854

Sunday Worship 7-12-2020

“Church Work: The Mundane and the Miraculous” from Acts 20:1-16.  Special Music by “The Cousins and More” singing “Mansion Over the Hilltop.” CCLI # 1003854

Sunday Worship 7-5-2020

“A Gospel Riot” from Acts 19:28-41. Special music from the BR Men’s Quartet, “The God Who Guides Our Destiny,” by Ernest K. Emurian. CCLI # 1003854

Sunday Worship 6-28-2020

Sermon: “Repercussions of the Gospel” with Pastor Craig Alan Myers from Acts 19:21-28. Special music by the Cousins’ Quintet.
CCLI # 1003854

Sunday Worship 6-21-2020

Sermon on “Magic, or Power?” from Acts 19:11-20. Recognition of Mothers and Fathers.

Sunday Worship 6-14-2020

“Good News, Power, and Doctrine”

Sunday Worship 6-7-2020

“Finishing with Fulfillment” Graduation Sunday 2020!
CCLI # 1003854

Sunday Worship 5-31-2020

Sermon: “Can I Know God Personally?” (#7 in the 7 Big Questions People Ask series)  CCLI # 1003854

Sunday Worship 5-24-2020

Sermon “Is The Bible Reliable?” (#5 in the 7 Big Questions People Ask series) CCLI # 1003854

Sunday Worship 5-17-2020

Sermon “Is Jesus Really God?” (#5 in the 7 Big Questions People Ask series)

Sunday Worship 5-10-2020  First Gathered Worship in Eight Weeks!

Sermon: “Is Christianity Too Narrow?”  (#4 in the 7 Big Questions People Ask series)



Sunday Worship 5-3-2020

Sermon: “If God Is Good, Why is There Pain and Suffering?” (#3 in the 7 Big Questions People Ask series)



Sunday Worship 4-26-2020

Sermon: “Is There A God?” (#2 in the 7 Big Questions People Ask series)



Octave Sunday Worship 4-19-2020

Sermon: “Is There a Purpose?” (#1 in the 7 Big Questions People Ask series)


Updates 7-29-2020

We have been safely gathering since Mother’s Day, May 10, 2020, asking that distancing, hand sanitizer, and proper measures be observed. We had a full, regular Vacation Bible School in June. We had a large wedding in May. We trust that in weeks ahead, all facilities and businesses might fully re-open, and we as a … [Read more…]

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The Blessings of the Recent Plague

The Pastor’s Column from the May 2020 Quill & Scroll. A month ago, we could hardly envision that we would have had the unusual April we have had. We’ve had no NCAA Tournament. No opening day of baseball. No hockey. No Spring events. We looked forward to Pre-Easter Services, to Love Feast, to Good Friday, … [Read more…]

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